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Big 410 Slug Ammo from Hoening Big Bore Slug LLC

finished .410 slug 72dpi 563w .jpg

Both loads feature a premium hunting slug in a plastic hull and the exclusive HBBS crimp which provides very consistent velocities. Both loads were developed for the 2 1/2" chamber HBBS Rifled 410 barrels and are 2.96" over all length. These loads are recommended for use only in HBBS .410 chambered barrels. Suitability for use in any other chambering should be determined by a qualified gun smith.

Why do we not endorse these for use in .45-410 guns?  Essentially  the .45-410s are .45 caliber guns with a bore of approximately .450 which makes it grossly over sized for a .410 slug. S.A.A.M.I.. specifications for the .410 allow larger and smaller diameter slugs to be used in making .410 slug ammunition and still be called ".410 loads". None of the allowable diameter slugs are sized properly to fit the .45 caliber barrels and get good performance and that includes those loaded by HBBS LLC.  Hoening Big Bore Slug LLC is all about performance and you will not get it by using our slugs in the 45-410, sorry but it probably would be a waste of money. Premium slugs at a premium price in a poorly fitting gun does not equal premium performance. For defense at least, the VerdictTM is a better choice where pin point accuracy is not an issue. The VerdictTM Loads also contain a wad that will help seal the oversize .45 caliber barrel.unlike the single slug HBBS loads that do not use a wad.

Need something a little more conventional but with the HBBS touch? See the hard hitting VerdictTM Multi-pellet load for smooth bore, rifled .410 and 45-410 shotgun, pistol and revolvers. HBBS .410 slugs can be hand loaded as star crimped loads or roll crimped loads if you like the retro look and a bit less performance.

heavey lable 72 dpi.jpg

Twenty round pack for $58.80. Shipped by UPS only.

lastscanlable youth 72 dpi.jpg

Twenty round pack for $58.80. Shipped by UPS only.

Shooting HBBS 410 at 120 yards


See James Hoening, manager, Hoening Big Bore South, L.L.C. shoot two half gallon jugs at 120 yards, January 16, 2011 near Dawn, Ohio. Shooting HBBS 410 at 120 yards ,YouTube video.
Dan Hoening pops a one gallon jug at 240 yards: Shooting HBBS 410 at 240 yards
Dan's 120 yard shot with dramatic effect: Shooting HBBS 410 at 120 yards 1 gallon